Monday, March 17, 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning Tips: Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air Conditioners

Your AC serves the primary purpose of pumping in cool air, conditioning the warm air that permeates each room. Regular maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning in Rancho Cucamonga, as in having it serviced at the start of each season, is also an important part of keeping your air quality at a healthy level. Here are some tips from an article in the Better Homes and Gardens website on efficient AC use:

    “To cool down the entire house, central air-conditioning is usually the most effective way to go. Be aware, though, that a central air conditioner that’s too powerful for the size of the house will cool the air down quickly, but won’t have a chance to remove moisture from the air adequately if that’s a concern. If you just want to cool a single room, a less-expensive option is a window-mounted air conditioner (probably too expensive to operate, though, in desert regions).”

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